According to an inner memo from Apple Inc, Apple company will start to strictly implement a mandatory policy that all the third-party(MFi) accessories must adopt the same packaging standard as Apple products.

Based on above memo, the back ground color of third-party packaging must be white color, and the printing font on the packaging including the trade mark and its icon position must get approval from Apple.

The camera shooting angle of the product pictures on packaging box also need to be the same as Apple own products , Apple even request to use good quality packaging material to make the packaging.


Meanwhile, well-packaged products in complaince with previous policy ,which will be sent back to warehouse to pack again. Now Apple have demanded some products ,like Only Incase, LifeProof , Mophie Sena , Tech21 and Logitech, to re-design the packaging according to new standard.

This memo also points out , the purpose for implementing standardized packaging is to increase the appearance quality of third-party accessories,making Apple accessories stores more delightful and letting the buyer easier find the wanted products.

Besides, Apple have been cooperating with above merchants in the past 6 months.Those third-party who have changed the new packaging ,will get the priority to firstly sell in Apple store,the first company who first change the packaging and first available to sell in Apple store is Mophie ,the other companies generally get the permission to sell in Apple stores after changing their packaging.


After Apple Watch released, Apple have been reforming retail chains system with high end aesthetics. Those reform measures include repairing and recombining,it is said that all the plan is decided by Retail Business Execute (Angela Ahrendts) and Apple Chief Designer(Jony Ivy).